Loretta Balazs interviews Katrina from The GUC

A pleasure to be interviewed by Loretta. To know others want to work together because they hold the same views and belief is incredible. If this is also you, fill out the contact form/ send us a text/ give us a cal! We look forward to hearing from you. Read more here http://myhrblog.com/2018/05/02/creating-healthy-environment-at-work-interview-with-katrina-thomas/

Thoughts on moving forward with mental wellbeing

According to The Mental Capital and Wellbeing report 2008, ‘an individual’s mental capital and mental wellbeing crucially affect their path through life’. Mental wellbeing and a healthy mental capital are vital in the successful running of our society, our families, and our communities. A healthy mindset influences the way we behave, the way we socialise,…